Wed 21 Feb 2024 - 20:00




Practical Info

Venue: Rockhal Floor
Promoter: Rocklab

Doors: 20:00
Spectacle: 20:30

Join us for two showcases by up-and-coming local pop sensations Alfalfa and Nea Lone! Get ready for dancy pop hymns and fresh pop organ hits!


Pop Rock

ALFALFA is a music project founded in 2018 by Bert Jung and Charel Geimer, whom you might already know from the times when they took hostage many scenes with their acolytes Los Dueños. The new collective symbolizes their growth and wish to present new sound productions around the country and overseas. Their intention is to create music that connects them with their surroundings and farthest auditors, and thus inviting them to a joyful, mesmerizing ride between electronic and acoustic sounds.

Instagram : @alfalfamusicofficial / Facebook : Alfalfa Music / Spotify : Alfalfa

Nea Lone

Organ Pop

Nea Lone is an Alter Ego of organ player, singer and songwriter Nadja Prange. She brings a fresh twist to pop music by blending the Hammond organ into modern soundscapes, creating a genre that could be called „Organ Pop“. The music combines elements of Jazz, Hip Hop and Pop with a touch of Neo Soul. Nea’s introspective lyrics delve into themes of resistance, connection and personal growth by exploring the complexities of the human condition.

Instagram : @nea.lone / Facebook : Nea Lone / Spotify : Nea Lone 

About Rocklab Live Sessions:      

The Rocklab Live Sessions are filmed showcases by local bands & artists. Their aim is to promote and document the ever-growing number and diversity of artists from the local music scene, by offering them a stage, regardless of music genre, age and experience. A selection of songs from each showcase will be released digitally later on, to reach a larger audience and provide the artists with a quality live video.