Tue 25 Jun 2024 - 20:00




Practical Info

Venue: Rockhal Box
Promoter: Rockhal

Doors: 19:00
Spectacle: 20:00


Body Count is a heavy metal band that originated in Los Angeles, California in the 1990s. The band was formed by rapper Ice-T, who wanted to create a group that blended his love for metal music with his politically charged lyrics. Body Count's music is a fusion of thrash metal, punk rock, and hip-hop, with lyrics that address themes of social justice, police brutality, and racial inequality. Body Count's music has been associated with the gangsta rap movement of the 1990s, which also addressed issues of race and police violence. The band's early work was controversial, with many critics accusing them of promoting violence and glorifying gang culture. However, Ice-T has defended the band's lyrics as a reflection of the harsh realities of life in inner-city America. Body Count has collaborated with a number of other artists in the metal and hip-hop scenes, including Slayer, Biohazard, and Public Enemy. The band's most recent album, "Carnivore," was released in 2020 and features guest appearances by Amy Lee of Evanescence and Power Trip's Riley Gale. Body Count's music continues to inspire and provoke audiences with its powerful blend of metal and rap, and its unapologetic social commentary.