Sun 22 Sep 2024 - 17:30




Practical Info

Venue: Rockhal Club
Promoter: Rockhal

Doors: 17:30
Spectacle: 18:15


Since 1988, Cannibal Corpse have been at the forefront of death metal, having helped shape and define the genre, and creating a seminal, incomparable body of work in the decades that followed. In 2021 they raised the stakes again with 15th album Violence Unimagined, growing ever more complex and intense, and now they return with its successor, the equally monstrous Chaos Horrific, starting a new chapter in their legacy. Written closely after the conclusion of the Violence Unimagined sessions due to the pandemic preventing them from touring like usual, echoes of that album exist in Chaos Horrific, but this is a whole new beast of its own. While the band have always been noted for their technicality and complex songwriting, this does not define where the writing process takes them. The band also had no specific plan for the record, always approaching each one with an open mind, just intent on writing the best songs that they can. With the album named by drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz, the members all felt it was a great representation of the band, as is always the intention, and lyrically they linger in typically dark and twisted territory. Subjects covered include resetting the human race through mass mutilations (“Blood Blind”), fighting off hordes of zombies (“Chaos Horrific”), the selection of a random individual to be dismembered and sacrificed (“Summoned For Sacrifice”), and the violent revenge of victims of human trafficking (“Vengeful Invasion”).