Sat 25 Mar 2023 - 22:45




Practical Info

Venue: Rockhal Club
Promoter: Rockhal

Doors: 22:45
Spectacle: 23:00


100% Algarvian, born and raised in the city of Faro. His greatest ambition was football and he became a professional footballer.But since childhood, he always had a passion for music, inspired from his brother and stepfather, who were DJs. At the age of seventeen, he had the opportunity to perform at a school party and it was then that he “clicked” and the music became an obsession. His passion for music is so great and amazing that he has to decide which way to go. Since football and music cannot be reconcilable, he opts for music. Initially he played various styles of music, kizomba, hip-hop, house, among others. Over time, he created his own style, discovering his vocation to the afro-house to which he now dedicates himself 100%. During these last years he has been grateful for all the opportunities that have arisen, having passed through several countries such as Luxembourg, France, Cape Verde, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, England among others. He feels that he has only just begun this journey around the world and wants to spread his vision through music. Danni Gato is one of the worldwide reference from Afro house.