Tue 21 Feb 2023 - 19:15




Practical Info

Venue: Rockhal Floor
Promoter: Rocklab

Doors: 18:30
Spectacle: 19:15


Where to find the funds to produce your next song, album, video or tour?

You have your album, video or tour project planned out but are wondering what funding opportunities exist in Luxembourg? In this meeting you will learn about the different funds that are available, who is eligible as well as when and how to apply.


JoĂ© Haas (Head of the Music Unit – Ministry of Culture) : After finishing his abitur (F-section – music specialization) in Luxembourg, JoĂ© studied modern History and European politics in Luxembourg and Berlin. With a successful accomplished Master’s degree, he started working at the National Archives of Luxembourg and still takes, alongside his work, courses in the « Conservatoire de la ville de Luxembourg » (Saxophone – Jazz history – chamber music). Since 2019, JoĂ© is working for the Ministry of Culture as head of the Music Unit. Among other things, he manages around twenty conventions between the Ministry of Culture and professional music institutes (including orchestras), organizes the different grants or « Subsides » (including the National Music Prize) and is member of the commission for professional artists.

Julie Mathieu (Programme Expert for the Culture Strand – Creative Europe Desk Luxembourg) : Julie recently joined the Creative Europe Desk Luxembourg as a programme expert for the Culture strand. Creative Europe is the sole programme for the cultural and creative sectors by the European commission. The Culture strand provides support to all branches of the cultural and creative sectors, excluding the audio-visual sector, represented by the MEDIA strand. As a representative of Creative Europe in Luxembourg, Julie promotes the programme at national level, provides information on calls, opportunities and policy and assists candidates in their application process.

Marc Nickts (General Manager – Sacem) : Marc Nickts works at SACEM Luxembourg since 2006, before being nominated as the General Manager in 2009. He manages the music rights collection in Luxembourg, aiming to guarantee a fair remuneration for authors, composers, and publishers of musical works. SACEM Luxembourg collects the performing and mechanical rights for its members and the members of 121 author’s societies worldwide who have entrusted the management of these rights for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to SACEM Luxembourg.

MaitĂ© Schenten (Cultural Project Coordinator – Ĺ’uvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte) : MaitĂ© Schenten started her work as cultural project coordinator at the Ĺ’uvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte in 2021. Ĺ’uvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte helps associations carry out projects of public interest. As a socially responsible actor, it is committed to a more united, more sustainable, and more creative society. The non-profit identifies and fills the unmet needs in our society and supports projects in the following five areas: social, cultural, environmental, sports & health and remembrance. In addition to financing projects, Ĺ’uvre brings together local players for exchanges, conferences, theme days and training courses, and launches initiatives such as the stART-up fund for young creatives or calls for projects like Tiers-lieux culturels.

Giovanni Trono (Head of Music – Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg) : Giovanni Trono has been immersed in the world of music since a young stage. He was part of various bands and collectives whose aim was to share alternative and underground music. After studying communication in Brussels and spending 10 years abroad, Giovanni decided to return to Luxembourg to share his experience within music:LX. Since the beginning of the export office in 2011, he supported musicians in their career development. Since March 2019, he is the head of the music department of Kultur | lx. Kultur | lx’s mission is the development of artists and the promotion of Luxembourg culture and creation.


Lisa Burke (RTL Today, The Lisa Burke Show) :

Lisa Burke is an experienced broadcaster having spent the bulk of her career presenting live television with Sky News, plus BBC, Channel 4, Fox News, many other Sky channels, RTE (Ireland) and RTL (Luxembourg). Her reporting has covered national and international assignments, documentaries and radio. In Luxembourg, Lisa created RTL Today which has now become the biggest English news platform in the country. Now, she hosts and produces a weekly radio show and podcast: ‘The Lisa Burke Show’.