Sat 22 Jan 2022 - 20:30




Release Show

Practical Info

Venue: Rockhal Floor
Promoter: Rocklab

Doors: 20:00
Spectacle: 20:30


Lata Gouveia is bringing out his 3rd album. With his uncompromisingly American sound that is so reminiscent of Tom Petty, JJ Cale or even Bruce Springsteen, the artist is known throughout the greater region for his high intensity live shows and his radio singles. The new album « Stay the Same » is released by Timezone Records and packed with new original songs  produced by Charles Stoltz that Lata and his band will perform in its entirety with the help of some special guests. Ptolemea, the band fronted by Priscila Da Costa, will be playing the opening set, also in celebration of a new single release. The two band leaders are also members of The Grund Club a.s.b.l. and share a special bond, so a special night is on the cards.