Sat 04 Nov 2023 - 18:00




Practical Info

Venue: Rockhal Floor
Promoter: Rocklab

Doors: 18:00
Spectacle: 18:30


This Member Meeting is organized within the framework of The Qwest Festival.  

We teamed up with The Qwest Festival to host a special Member Meeting about Luxembourg’s hip-hop scene. In this meeting we will look into the status quo and the specifics of the local scene, the importance of constantly growing your network as well as how to reach your potential audience nationally and internationally.

Please note that this Meeting will exceptionally be held in Luxembourgish and will start at 18h00.

Maz  puts his thoughts into an explosion of emo-rap with references to punk and metal music. He mixes skillful rap with distorted screams and melodic hooks; creating a dark, yet hopeful form of expression. His captivating live energy earned him slots at iconic festivals such as Sziget or ESNS.  Maz  released his “Emo Season” EP last spring and is working on his forthcoming album. 

Nicool is one of the first female rappers in Luxembourg. She released her debut album Den Ufank vum N in 2019, which she created in collaboration with De Läbbel. Since then, she worked together with various beatmakers and artists from Luxembourg (i.e. 8Cee, BTM, Nick Sauber, etc.) She just released her latest EP N vun der Welt. 

André Sevn:
It’s with  an unwavering passion for hip-hop that André  Sevn established  Magestick Records in 2013 together with  David Veiga. Their collaboration ignited a musical revolution that transcends genres, resulting in an impressive portfolio of over 600 productions and thousands of licenses sold worldwide, that have left an indelible mark on the industry. 

 Turnup Tun:  
Turnup Tun is a producer, songwriter, as well as film director and mixing/mastering engineer with a love for catchy melodies and hard-hitting beats. He has studied music production in Berlin and he’s collaborating oftentimes with international producers, musicians and artists from the German capital.  His goal is it to put the Luxembourgish music scene on the map and show the world, that Luxembourg has so much more to offer than one might think. 

Panel Moderator:
Johny Ribeiro (Shapes Music):
Johny Ribeiro is a multifaceted creative force and a prominent figure in the convergence of art, culture, and innovation. As the founder of Shapes Music, the first hiphop media outlet in Luxembourg, his pioneering work transformed the local music scene as he conducted the first significant interviews for the hiphop scene, giving voice to emerging artists and shaping the narrative of this vibrant community. 

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