Tue 15 Nov 2022 - 17:00




Practical Info

Venue: Rockhal Floor
Promoter: Rocklab

Doors: 17:00
Spectacle: 17:00


17:00 Doors

17:30 Panel  

18:45 Networking Cocktail (offered by RĂ©gion Grand-Est)

20:00 Showcases

With 11.6 million inhabitants from the French region Grand Est, the Federation Wallonia-Brussels and Ostbelgien in Belgium, Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany as well as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Greater Region has a high potential for artists and bands evolving in these territories and wishing to tour and export to neighboring regions.

During this meeting we will discuss the opportunities offered by the cross-border regions (FR, DE, BE, LU, CH) for the live sector and emerging regional artists, considering the lessons of two years of pandemic and the audiovisual and hybrid formats that have emerged during this time (live streaming, videos…).

A panel discussion will give the floor to live sector professionals from Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium, followed by a networking cocktail to connect artists and music professionals in the relaxed atmosphere of the Floor of the Rockhal.

Speakers: Vicky Steinmetz (Den Atelier – Booker –  LU), Markus Graf (pop rlp – Kompetenzzentrum Popularmusik Rheinland-Pfalz – DE), Jean-Christophe GERARD (EPCC L’Autre Canal – CoopĂ©ration transfrontalière & UE – FR), Frederic Lamand (L’EntrepĂ´t – Programmateur & Administrateur – BE) 

Host: Yves Stephany (radio 100,7)

The evening will close with a selection of showcases by bands from Luxembourg and its neighboring countries. ENGLBRT (indietronica, LU), Metty (pop, DE) and WYSTERIA (pop, FR) will perform a selection of their songs.

Free for Rocklab Members (limited capacity!).

Co-organized by the Centre de Musiques AmplifiĂ©es – Rockhal and the RĂ©gion Grand Est in the framework of the French Presidency of the Greater Region 2021-2022