Fri 08 Mar 2024 - 20:30




Practical Info

Venue: De Gudde W√ęllen
Promoter: Rocklab

Doors: 20:30
Spectacle: 20:30



Connect with a selection of videomakers from Luxembourg for your future music video 

Join us at De Gudde W√ęllen, right after after the¬†Luxembourg Music Video Night.¬†¬†Enjoy a relaxed networking session and meet Luxembourg‚Äôs videomakers to share ideas, build your network and create new synergies for your future music video collaborations.

20h30           Doors
20h35-22h  Speedmeetings (with prior registration and confirmation only)
22h00           Open networking (no registration needed)

Event organized in collaboration with Luxembourg City Film Festival & Filmreakter and with the support of Film Fund Luxembourg.

Confirmed videomakers:

Hannah Bales
Hannah is a young writer and director based in Luxembourg.¬†With a keen eye for detail and a moving¬†perspective in cinematography, she is known for stories that captivate with depth. Given her¬†experience in songwriting and dance, Hannah is particularly enthusiastic about directing music videos: ¬ę¬†I love the freedom and creative potential – after all, music is the most beautiful way to touch an audience and tell stories that matter¬ę¬†.¬†

André Costa

Over the past five years, André has been working on sets in various positions with the main focus on being a Cinematographer. He has worked on a mix of projects; documentaries, commercials, short films and music videos. Being a mountain athlete, he always tries to find ways to combine his love for visual storytelling with his alpine background.

Ken D’Antonio

Ken D‚ÄôAntonio, born and raised in Luxembourg, first got in touch with cameras and editing as a teenager, working on several audiovisual projects for the small and local student TV channel ‚ÄúUelzechtkanal‚ÄĚ. After writing and directing in 2014, together with Daniel Di Vincenzo, his first medium-length-film ‚ÄúLucy in the Sky with Diamonds‚ÄĚ, he started studying film directing in Cologne. Here he had the opportunity to write and direct a few short films and to make a semester abroad in Los Angeles. Right after graduating in 2018, he started making plans opening, once again together with Daniel, an own small production company named ‚ÄúDiviDante‚ÄĚ. Ever since, they have been growing, working on many different projects from image movies to short films and from music videos to commercials or short documentaries.

Kim El Ouardi

Kim El Ouardi, born in 1989, is an independent filmmaker and cinematographer from Luxembourg. Since 2017 he is working as a freelance cameraman, colorist and digital imaging technician on projects ranging from low-tech indie short-films to big-budget international features. His works are mostly rooted in the domains of Documentary, Ciné-Dance, Art Performances and Experimental Film. However, through a wide spectrum of projects he has been able to deepen and broaden his know-how and skillset : from pre-production to finishing, including filming, lighting, VFX and color grading. He is currently refining his knowledge about the digital and analogue image, diving into the meanders of codecs and filmstocks.

Sam Flammang

Sam is active in Luxembourg‚Äôs music scene as a music photographer, video director and project manager since 2011 and won the Video Clip Awards for Best Music Video in 2016. Since then, he‚Äôs focusing entirely on no budget and indie filmmaking, trying to bring together musicians and professionals from the creative industries. His work features artists such as Lucas Ferraz (Porn Queen), Zero Point Five, All Reitz Reserved, L‚Äô√Čph√©m√®re, Seed To Tree, Mutiny on the Bounty and many more.¬†

Lukas Grevis

Lukas Grevis is a director, screenwriter and producer from Luxembourg. His short films have been screened at numerous international film festivals and won prizes nationally and internationally. He has collaborated with bands and musicians from different genres such as LeVibe, Hannah Ida, Lara Grogan or Fusion Bomb. His first feature film THE LAND IN THE SHADOWS will premiere at this years Luxembourg City Film Festival.

Sofiya Kudryavtseva 

Sofiya was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. She is an independent filmmaker, working full-time in the¬†Luxembourgish creative industry. Sofiya holds a degree in International Directing for Film &¬†Multimedia from the Warsaw Film School and received training as a theatre actress in Ukraine at Mist¬†Teatr in Kyiv. In June 2023, she graduated from the University of Luxembourg with a Master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary European Philosophy.

Luca Mahnke

Luca Mahnke, is a 24-year old  filmmaker/Director and screenwriter. He studied at the Lycée des Arts et Métiers and graduated from the BTS Cinema et Audiovisuel in 2022. He has already worked on many sets and would like to direct more and more films and music videos himself. He has already directed 2 short films during his studies.

Sirvan Marogy

Sirvan Marogy is a multilingual (French, German, English, Luxembourgish-speaking), experienced director – screenwriter – editor based in Luxembourg. Sirvan co-wrote the feature film SAWAH with Dennis Foon and Adolf el Assal. The film was shown theatrically in 2019 and on Netflix in 2020. For over a decade, Sirvan has been directing, shooting and editing all sorts of projects in Luxembourg (Short-films, Corporate, Music Videos, TV shows, Youth projects).

Rari Matei

Rari Matei, a 23 year-old non-binary Romanian-Portuguese filmmaker and visual artist, resides and works at Two Steps Twice, creating evocative and queer-centric storytelling narratives. Rari¬†has already directed and worked on music videos by¬†C’est Karma,¬†Maz, Francis of Delirium and more. Their journey seamlessly transitioned into the world of cinema with Oizys, their debut short film, exploring themes of intimacy, solitude, love and traumatic grief.

Navid Razvi

Navid Razvi conceptualises and creates audiovisual content for clients and artists in the corporate and culture scene as an independent video director, camera operator and editor in Luxembourg. His catalogue primarily consists of campaigns, interviews, aftermovies, documentaries, behind the scenes, trailers and music videos. His second concentration is photography. Aside from these visual priorities, Navid Razvi produces music and sound for various artists and visual projects in Luxembourg.

Emerine Samuel

Emerine is deeply involved in the music and arts scene, working closely with musicians and artists to create songs, music videos, and other creative projects. Currently, he is producing creative content and concepts in partnership with the local music label BEAST Records. He has worked with many Luxembourgish talents such as CHAiLD, Maz, EDSUN, Serge Tonnar, Jah Arrogante, Sixo, De Läb, Culture the Kid and Turnup Tun. Focused on aiding artists to realize their creative ambitions, Emerine has dedicated himself to the local cultural scene.

Fabien Spaus

Since 2014, Fabien Spaus has been working as a cinematographer on professional film sets around the world. In Luxembourg, he is known as the former bass player of the fusion reggae band Le Vibe. So the connection between the two worlds in music-videos is obvious.

Liv Weiss

Liv is a director and music video maker. She is also a music lover and has been imagining the visuals of her favourite songs since childhood. She has a passion for crafting videos that are raw and sensory in nature. Liv is drawn to the unrefined aspects, the textures, roughness, and grit as well as the ethereal, the dreamy and the mystical. She believes that videos, just like music, should be felt.