Mon 12 Dec 2022 - 19:00



Rocklab Members Meeting

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Venue: Rockhal Floor
Promoter: Rocklab

Doors: 18:30
Spectacle: 19:00

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On top of writing and performing great songs, many tasks like promotion, finding strategic partners and negotiating deals are part of an artist’s daily life. As his career evolves and time gets more and more limited, the artist needs to find a sparring partner he trusts and wants to work with. That’s where the right manager comes into the picture. But who are the managers here in Luxembourg? What’s their role and profile? What are her or his tasks and what should artists expect from the collaboration?

We are all ears! 
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Geoffroy Thiebaut

After 5 years studying computer science I figured I’d rather deal with humans than machines and I dedicated myself to working in the music industry. At first more interested in festivals, COVID stopped me right as I graduated. I decided to make the most of it by helping a few friends develop their band… and I never looked back. I’ve now been a manager for 2 years, currently working with 3 bands (Chester RemingtonSESAMSir Greggo), and hoping to make a living off of it at some point in the future. Now, please, call me Joe.

Josh Island

Josh Island is an international recording & touring artist who started his career out of Luxembourg in 2015. Since his debut at Screaming Fields, he has toured across Europe, released two EPs and opened for international acts like Passenger and James Morrison. His debut album is currently produced by Nelson Canoa (Carminho, Sara Tavares) and he has collaborated with Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue) and musicians from across Europe at the Eurotoire songwriting camp in Cyprus.

Scott Kutting

Scott Kutting has been active in the Luxembourgish music scene since his early teenage years, first as a passionate spectator in the audience, then as a musician on stage with various projects like Fusion Bomb and Blanket Hill to name only a few. These endeavors allowed him to gather firsthand experience about what it’s like to build a band from the ground up in a country, where the music industry is still in its infancy and whose small population makes it terribly difficult to sustain a living as a musician.

Stephanie Baustert

She is an independent music manager driven by the desire to help artists build their career and reach their full potential. Since 2016, she provides full service artist management and career development to jazz and improvised music artists. She currently works with the drummer Michel Meis (LU), the guitarist Gilles Grethen (LU) and the pianist Max Petersen (CH).

In addition, she offers a wide range of services to musicians of all genres, from marketing and promotion to project development to consulting, thus enabling them to focus on what they do best: music.

Host : Lisa Burke
Lisa Burke is an experienced broadcaster having spent the bulk of her career presenting live television with Sky News, plus BBC, Channel 4, Fox News, many other Sky channels, RTE (Ireland) and RTL (Luxembourg). Her reporting has covered national and international assignments, documentaries and radio.