Wed 27 Nov 2024 - 19:00




Practical Info

Venue: Rockhal Club
Promoter: Rockhal

Doors: 19:00
Spectacle: 19:30


Mirroring the mysterious allure surrounding their latest creative phase, VOLA has announced the "Friend of a Phantom Europe Tour 2024”. Known for their innovative approach to progressive metal, VOLA continues to captivate audiences with their blend of intense rhythmic complexity and poignant lyrical narratives. The band has always transcended genre boundaries, delivering music that is as intellectually stimulating as it is emotionally resonant. Over the years, VOLA's discography has showcased their bold fusion of styles. Their debut, "Inmazes," introduced a sound characterised by ambient textures and heavy riffs, which evolved into more intricate musical landscapes in subsequent releases like "Applause of a Distant Crowd." These albums have earned critical acclaim and bolstered their reputation in the metal scene, attracting a dedicated following with their unique blend of electronic elements and profound musical narratives. The 2020 release, "Witness," further deepened their exploration of dark themes and complex rhythms, solidifying their position as genre pioneers. As 2023 dawned, VOLA signalled the beginning of a new chapter in their musical journey with the release of their evocative single "Paper Wolf," showcasing their continued ability to evolve and redefine their sound. This ongoing exploration delves into the spectral presences of belief and conviction that shape personal and collective existence. The "Friend of a Phantom" tour marks a pivotal point in their career, embodying this artistic evolution and the deep, introspective journey they invite their listeners to embark upon.