lun 19 février 2024


Venue : Rockhal Floor - Seated Doors : 18:30
Promoter : Rocklab

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Doors : 18:30
Spectacle : 19:00



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Recording, mixing, mastering engineers & music producers…who does what?

The studio brings together people passionate about songs, engineering, production and sound. It is also a place where ideas and songs take shape. In this panel we will discuss everything that is done in a studio, from recording through mixing to mastering your music as well as the range of jobs and people involved in the process.


Mike Butcher
Mike started his journey in 1970 as an assistant engineer at Morgan Studios in London. In 1972 and 1973 he worked with big names such as Black Sabbath, Rod Stewart, Spencer Davies Group, Flash and many others. In 1974 Morgan Studios opens a studio in Brussels where Mike started as chief engineer. In 1981 he became a freelance engineer. ’81-’82 he almost exclusively recorded and mixed for the album « Midnight Love » by Marvin Gaye. ’88-94 Mike worked with a lot of artists in the Benelux/France region including Viktor Lazlo, Adamo Laura Fygi. In 1994  Tone Temple Productions was created in Luxembourg. For the past 30 years he has been mixing movies as well as recording and mixing many Luxembourg based artists.

Cedric Fischer
Cedric has over a decade of expertise as a sound engineer, specializing in contemporary, jazz, and pop productions. He is co-Founding sound engineer at Unison Studios, a prominent independent recording and music production studio in Differdange. He studied electric engineering, sound, and music production. Cedric is also an expert in Ambisonics and Dolby Atmos technologies, elevating the auditory experience. The project « My Identity is this Expanse! » that he recorded and mixed earned the « Best Sound » award at the Paris 360 Festival. He passionately promotes the transformative power of immersive music and sound, enhancing emotional responses in audio. Cedric did also research in immersive and binaural audio, presenting papers at international audio conferences.

Maxim Losch
Maxim Losch is a mixing engineer who specializes in mixing and mastering heavy music, like modern metal or alternative metal. But that wasn’t always the case. Before focusing on producing metal music he was touring through Germany as a drummer and working as head instructor at SAE Institute in Cologne where he trained aspiring engineers. Parallel to this he did all kinds of audio jobs as a freelancer, like recording classical orchestras, movie post-production, jobs in the broadcast industry, or even building new types of microphones. In 2021 he founded Redville Studio to follow his passion for working with heavy music and helping metal musicians to sound as great as possible to achieve their musical goals.

Ohad Nissim
Ohad embarked on his journey as a mastering engineer in 2019 and dedicated himself to refining the essence of music. Currently based in Dudelange, Luxembourg, his expertise in mastering bridges the gap between the artist’s vision and the global audience. His studio, equipped with a blend of analog gear, allows for a unique fusion of classic and modern soundscapes, ensuring each track resonates universally. His specialization in mastering enables him to enhance the depth, clarity, and emotion of music, connecting artists with listeners worldwide. Whether working with emerging talents or established names, his approach is tailored to bring out the best in every piece of music. His goal is to ensure that each artist’s work is not only heard but also felt, leaving a lasting impact on audiences everywhere.

Panel Moderator:
Lisa Burke
Lisa Burke is an experienced broadcaster having spent the bulk of her career presenting live television with Sky News, plus BBC, Channel 4, Fox News, many other Sky channels, RTE (Ireland) and RTL (Luxembourg). Her reporting has covered national and international assignments, documentaries and radio. In Luxembourg, Lisa co-created RTL Today which has now become the biggest English news platform in the country. Now, she hosts and produces a weekly radio show (also available with video) and podcast: ‘The Lisa Burke Show’.