Mon 16 Oct 2023 - 19:00




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Venue: Rockhal Floor
Promoter: Rocklab

Doors: 18:30


In this Meeting you will get insights into how the creative beat making process starts, how to stay inspired along the way and discuss how to find the right audience and interesting collaborators.

Workshop by André Sevn, co-founder behind Magestick Records. 

With an unwavering passion for hip-hop, fueled by the influences of rap legends like Dr. Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent, Bushido, and Booba, André joined forces with David Veiga to establish Magestick Records in 2013. Their collaboration ignited a musical revolution that transcends genres, resulting in an impressive portfolio of over 600 productions and thousands of licenses sold worldwide, that have left an indelible mark on the industry. 

The inception of Magestick’s YouTube channel was the conduit for their creative vision. The release of the acclaimed masterpiece ¬ę¬†One Last Time¬†¬Ľ in 2015 garnered over 10 million views on YouTube, contributing to the channel’s impressive total of over 67 million views. Their innovative approach extended beyond YouTube, encompassing platforms like BeatStars, where they collaborated with an array of top-tier artists, including Lil Durk, NLE Choppa, PartyNextDoor, Kehlani, Apache, Samra, Capital Bra, Loredana, and many more. This solidified their standing as pioneers in the world of musical innovation.¬†

In 2020, a significant milestone was achieved as Magestick Records inked a deal with Sony Music Publishing Group, a resounding testament to their remarkable talent and boundless creativity. Andr√©’s distinctive contributions reverberate throughout the fabric of modern music, exemplified by his pivotal involvement in projects like Lil Durk’s ¬ę¬†Family over everything¬†¬Ľ and the gold-certified ¬ę¬†Cottonwood¬†¬Ľ by NLE Choppa.¬†

Continuing on their global journey, Andr√© Sevn’s production prowess graced the unforgettable single ¬ę¬†Wenn das so bleibt¬†¬Ľ by Apache, a track from Apache’s album ¬ę¬†Gartenstadt.¬†¬Ľ This production soared to the number one spot in the charts upon its release, underscoring Andr√©’s enduring impact on the music landscape.¬†

Beyond his production prowess, Andr√© Sevn’s influence extended to the Luxembourg music scene, where he served as a jury member for the inaugural edition of the Luxembourg Music Awards in 2022.¬†


Lisa Burke (RTL Today, The Lisa Burke Show)

Lisa is a trained classical singer and pianist. She used to play violin, piano accordion and, of course, tin whistle having grown up in Ireland until the age of 10. Her father was Pipe Major of Killeshin Pipe Band.

Lisa is in high demand as a host and moderator, covering TED talks, all Luxembourg Space Agency work, finance, health, entrepreneurship, tech, science, European Institution events and many more. She is a public speaking coach, and launched the first Presenting & Debating Society at the University of Luxembourg. Additionally, Lisa is a sought-after voice-over artist.

Whilst living in Abu Dhabi for two years, Lisa wrote for The National newspaper.

Other writing includes children’s science books. Lisa has been a science consultant and author with Dorling Kindersley since 2005. She studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, gaining a double first. Her specialism was chemistry.

Lisa is on the Cambridge University Communications Working Group. She is also a board member for Angel Aid Cares, a Californian-based foundation raising aid for the care-givers of children with rare disease.

Instagram : @lisa_toni_burke


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