Wed 23 Feb 2022 - 19:00



Meet Kultur I LX

Practical Info

Venue: Rockhalcafé
Promoter: Rocklab

Doors: 18:30


We are all ears ! There is a topic that is of particular interest to you, but you can't find it in our programme? Then drop us a mail! Or participate in our regular surveys which help us to determine together which topics are most important to you. As a band or artist from Luxembourg, leaving the home turf becomes a vital question for everyone keen on expanding their live activity and making their music known beyond national borders. Of course, touring abroad and promoting your releases internationally comes at a certain cost and asks for developing an export as well as a promotional strategy, alongside the development of a professional network and entourage. That's exactly where Kultur I LX – in its function as Arts Council Luxembourg - comes in. But what is their exact mission? What types of support do they offer? And who can benefit from it? This practical presentation will help participants get a better understanding of when a collaboration with Kultur I LX makes sense in their general career development and what criteria must be fulfilled beforehand.  In collaboration with Kultur I LX - Arts Council Luxembourg