Multi talented instrumentalist Mezerg is a pioneer of modern music technology and one of the most creative musicians you’re likely to come across. Hands and feet linked to his instrument, he makes electronic music from unexpected elements, with rhythms that ranged from funk to acid techno, improvising with keyboards, effects pedals and the theremin which … Continued


Boris Brejcha. « The man with the mask », « King of high-tech minimal »; Boris has many names; but one thing is certain: He’s been celebrated as a superstar in South America for years and the hype about him in Europe has also grown out of proportion. His name adorns all the line-ups at the most internationally renowned … Continued


Marcus Fuereder, better known by his stage name Parov Stelar, is one of Austria’s internationally most successful artists. He is a pioneer of the genre ‘Electro Swing’ and his band, the Parov Stelar Band, is in heavy request all over the world. His music is the soundtrack for numerous movies, TV shows and ads. Already … Continued

Max Cooper

“Visualization” has long been used to present all kinds of data. Information is translated into size, shape, colour, and more. “Sonification” is basically visualizing for the ears. You take a data set, some kind of information, and create sounds with it.  The “Sound of Data” project will be using scientific data – traffic data, historical data, data from … Continued


French Electronic producer James Kent, aka PERTURBATOR, provides deep, powerful and unique synth-inspired music, bringing the 80s into a dystopian chaotic future. Always pushing his music to « avant-garde » uncharted territories since 2011, PERTURBATOR also pushed boundaries away on stage with incredible performances all around the world. In 4 years, PERTURBATOR went from small clubs … Continued


ROCKHAL in association with ESCH2022 presents: CARPENTER BRUT as part of the outreach programme of the exhibition IN TRANSFER: On to New Shores (03.09 – 27.11.2022) Four years after the 130 shows across the northern hemisphere with the Leather Patrol Tour, Carpenter Brut will hit the road again in 2022 with the second part of … Continued


After three long years of waiting, Worakls is back on stage to present the newinterpretation of his « Worakls Orchestra » project. Accompanied by a 20-piece orchestra, Worakls hits the road again for a new andcompletely revamped adventure. He will present an exclusive version of his show thathas already seduced nearly 100,000 people across Europe in 2019. … Continued


You may identify him by his enigmatic persona, yet behind the mysterious veneer of the mask and hoodie is the Norwegian DJ/producer, Alan Walker. Born in Northampton, England to a Norwegian mother and a British father, Walker grew up surrounded by technology, becoming ever-increasingly fascinated by programming, gaming, and graphic design. Inspired by EDM pioneers … Continued